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4th June, Monday

The 1st runner in Okinawa is Naoki Shinjo (#105. 41 years old. Left thigh amputation). ・・・

3rd June, Sunday

We all yelled “Okinawa!!” on the deck of Queen Coral.・・・

2nd June, Saturday

Tetsu is happy about the atmosphere with Sakura-jima his behind. Tsutomu Sakamoto(45 years old. Right leg amputation) and Dr. Hidaka ・・・

1st June, Friday

At 10 AM, we started the day from Miyagi prefectural office building with the many office staff surrounding.・・・

31th May, Thursday

Hyuga Station is the starting place. Toshihiko Yoshida (44 years old) was the 1st runner for the day.・・・

30th May, Wednesday

Starting from the rest area "Yayoi" with the local people kindly gathered for us to see off.・・・

29th May, Tuesday

Wider coastal road in Oita prefecture.・・・

28th May, Monday

Sogen Kono (41 years old. Priest of temple. Left leg amputation) joined us again from last year.・・・

27th May, Sunday

We started the day on 9 am after passing the sash to Hideo Tanaka (50 years old.・・・

26th May, Saturday

Tsuwano was a castle town at a time of Edo, and we saw many old samurai residences.・・・

25th May, Friday

The guest on 25th May (28th day) was Dr. Takaaki Tanaka from National Hospital Organization Hamada Medical Center. As a support Dr.,・・・

24th May, Thursday

At 9 in the morning, we started the day from Izumo Station after welcoming Dr. Toshihiro Imada (Shimane Prefectural Central Hospital).・・・

23th May, Wednesday

This was the 26th day from the very beginning. We entered in Shimane prefecture. National road 9.・・・

21th May, Monday

The day's starting place was Uemura museum.・・・

20th May, Sunday

From a field on a mountain which views Miyazu Bay, we started 20th May.・・・

19th May, Saturday

There was an walking even going on at Wakasa, Fukui prefecture. "Good Luck!" each other to safe trips of both of us.・・・

18th May, Friday

We had a uphill after getting out of Fukui city.・・・

17th May, Thursday

At 9 in the morning, we started Kanazawa after having interviews from the local TV and newspaper. Kanazawa was spacias and clean.・・・

15th May, Tuesday

The departure on 15th May from Itoigawa station was in raining. The guest runners were Yutaka Oyamatsu (Front in the picture. 45 years old. Paralysis on left side of the body.・・・

14th May, Monday

The day's 1st runner, Tsutomu Onta (39 years old. Lower limb amputation. Athlete in Nagano Paralympics) showed up in front of Kashiwazaki station at 8:30 in the morning with his wife.・・・

13th May, Sunday

Shintaro Tsukahara (5 years old. Yamanashi prefecture) was the 1st guest runner on the second Niigata stage (85km between Niigata city and Kashiwazaki city). He did his best.・・・

12th May, Saturday

On the second day in Niigata prefecture, we had Dr. Koga and
Dr. Muraoka (both Niigata univ. Orthopedic) as supporting doctors.・・・

11th May, Friday

Our destination for the day Murakami city is 49km ahead.・・・

10th May, Thursday

The 7th day from Sapporo.
We started Yamagata stage with rain falling.・・・

9th May, Wednesday

We started the 12th day with a sign board of Gojome town saying "Visit us again!"・・・

8th May, Tuesday

At 8 in the morning on the 11th day,
we started from Katsuragi Park in Odate city.・・・

7th May, Monday

With a lot of people at Aomori TOYOPET, we started the main land stage. (Aomori city - Odate city, Akita)・・・

6th May, Sunday

The 1st runner on a route between Oshamambe and Hakodate was Ken Kibata (49 years old) who was on a wheelchair racer.・・・

5th May, Saturday

We had 108km between Shiraoi and Oshamambe for the day.
The temperature was 7 degrees.・・・

4th May, Friday

After the 5-day prologue stage in Tohoku area, we had start of the BJD in JAPAN main stage on 4th May which we will start moving from Sapporo (Hokkaido) to Haha (Okinawa). The distance is 2,500km.・・・

2th May, Wednesday

A woman gave us warm words of encouragement at area near Aomori prefecture where the prologue running will be finished, and offered us Japanese crackers.・・・

1th May, Tuesday

Running in the mountains in Iwate.
The route 45 that goes north to south near the Sanriku shoreline.・・・

30th April, Monday

Moving ahead with a ship lifted on the land of Kesennuma by the disaster in our sight.・・・

29th April, Sunday

On the 2nd day of the prologue run, we started from a government building related to anti-disaster measures that has been now become a symbol of the disaster affected in Minamisanriku where the disaster had a large impact.・・・

28th April, Saturday

we are finally ready to start the 3,000km trans Japan journey. First of all, we will begin at Tohoku area where the Great East Japan Earthquake hit last year; ・・・

9th September, Thursday
The goal after 4 years!

The road we pedaled to Lund was 108. Tetsu, Dr. Shoda and Saki, all of us were getting excited to finish as we saw the road sign that says "Lund 10km."・・・

8th September, Wednesday
40km before Lund.

After the motel in Edenberga, we took a narrow road.
We pedaled about 80km today and arrived in Kagerod, a small town.・・・

7th September, Tuesday
Arrived in Edenberga.

We went further south and arrived in Edenberga after pedaling about 70km.
We had strong winds from South, which was against us all the way.・・・

6th September, Monday
Arriving in Skrea

We left Gotheborg, pedaled about 120km and arrived in Skrea, a small town.
We entered into the area where stronger wind from south blows. ・・・

5th September, Sunday
Arriving in the 2nd largest city in Sweden.

The temperature in the morning was 6 degrees.
As seen in European countries, shops are closed on Sunday. ・・・

4th September, Saturday
The 2nd largest city in Sweden.

We were headed for 100 km south of Tunamshede.
The temperature of the daytime was 17 degrees.・・・

3rd September, Friday
The final border crossing.

60km south of Moss, we crossed the border of Norway and Sweden on a bridge, without passport check and etc. Finally, ・・・

2nd September, Thursday
To Moss. 60km south of Oslo.

We saw many roads for bicycles even in a big city like Oslo.
Cyclists with helmets, without helmets. We arrived in Moss.・・・

1st September, Wednesday

We were headed for Oslo, the capital of Norway.
We pedaled by a river for a long time and finally arrived in the city.・・・

31th August, Tuesday
Widing road continues

We left this morning Ustaoset where in winter time it is crowded with skier.
There is about 260km left until we reach Oslo.・・・

30th August, Monday
Over the mountains.

After leaving Kinsarvik, we climbed as we were headed for Oslo.
The highest elevation on the road today is 1,250m. ・・・

29th August, Sunday
Starting Lund, the final part.

We started Lund under the fine weather.
The roads were narrower than those of U.S.A. and Canada, ・・・

28th August, Saturday
Setting up the bicycles, and etc.

We prepared for the next day departure. Bergen is beautiful. We also rested a half a day.
And the the general director of this campaign, ・・・

27th August, Friday
Arriving in Bergen.

The members arrived in Bergen, located in west coast of Norway.
Kazama, Tetsu, Ike and Toshi (photographer) who was with us in a part of South America. ・・・

26th August, Thursday
Leaving Canada and to Norway.

We flew from Deerlake, Canada, to Norway.
This is the end of campaigns in the Americas that lasted 3 months. ・・・

25th August, Wednesday
Pedaling in New Foundland.

We also pedaled in New Foundland with beautiful forest and rivers and mountains.
We arrived in Deerlake. ・・・

23rd Monday, 24th Tuesday, August
Departing from the place where the road ends.

In early morning we departed Natashquan on a boat and were headed for New Foundland.
We stayed in a small village after about 250km. ・・・

22 August, Sunday
North to Natashquan.

We were headed for Natashquan where we will start boating to New Foundland.
The road that stretched from South ends here at Natashquan. ・・・

21st August, Saturday
Welcomed in Baie-comeau.

We arrived in Baie-comeau where Paracycle World Championship was being held.
With the support of the organizer, ・・・

20th August, Friday

We have only 2 days left for pedaling in North America.
After the campground located nearby gulf of Saint Lawrence, ・・・

19th August, Thursday

After the campground in Tadoussac, again we took route 138 for Baie-comeau.
We had lots of ups and downs today too, with many small lakes in our sight.・・・

18th August, Wednesday

After the campgruond in Saint Simeon, we took route 138 again for north.
We had a ferry to cross the river, to get to a small town,・・・

17th August, Tuesday
Crossing the river.

We got on board a ferry from Riviere-du-Loup and crossed the river.
Where we arrived is Saint-Simeon・・・

16th August, Monday
To Saint-Jean-Port-Joli.

After leaving Quebec City, we were headed for Saint-Jean-Port-Joli,
a town along the St. Lawrence river・・・

15th August, Sunday
Day off in Quebec City.

This is a day off after at Montreal. We pedaled in Quebec City・・・

14th August, Saturday
Arrived in Quebec City.

We arrived in Quebec campground. It is located South of the river・・・

13th August, Friday
French language.

After Montreal, we see many sign boards wrriten in only French and hear French words・・・

12th August, Thursday
Leaving Montreal

We left Montreal where we stayed 2 days, and arrived in Saint-Eugene・・・

11th August, Wednesday
Hospital visiting.

We visited a hospital in Montreal, Hopital du Sacre-Coeur de montreal, and had a chance to talk to Dr. Denis. The hospital ・・・

10th August, Tuesday
Montreal, no pedaling.

Today is a rest day, no pedaling.
Under the present sunshine, we did our loundry, and work as well・・・

9th August, Monday
To Montreal.

After traversing Grande Island,
we arrived in a campground located in south of Montreal・・・

8th August, Sunday

We were headed for northeast
and arrived in Bainsville・・・

7th August, Saturday
St Lawrence River.

After the campground in Kingston,
we were headed for Southeast to get on the route 2. Then on our・・・

6th August, Friday
To Kingston.

We enjoyed the campground with view of
Lake Ontario and the beatiful sunshine in・・・

5th August, Thursday
To Lake Ontario.

We went down to Lake Ontario and
took King street that stretches beside the lake・・・

4th August, Wednesday
Leaving Toronto

We were headed for Roseneath, a place nearby Lake Rice.
Unfortunatelly we had rain in the afternoon・・・

3rd August, Tuesday
Canada already decided the next BJD! - Visiting hospital in Toronto

After the 3-day holiday in Canada, on 3rd, we visited a hospital in Toronto, Sunnybrook Holland Orthopaedic and Arthritic・・・

2nd August, Monday
Day off.

The second day off in Canada.
Maintenancing bicycles, checking routes and getting foods・・・

1st August, Sunday
To Toronto.

After Scotland,
we arrived Brampton just outside of Toronto・・・

31 July, Saturday
Interviewed in a small town.

In the middle of the day,
when we were passing a small town, Norwich・・・

30th July, Friday
Cold in the morning and night.

As we entered in Canada,
it is colder in the morning and night・・・

29th July, Thursday
Lake Erie.

Everyday support members give Kazama and
Tetsu batteries for their bicycles on the way・・・

28th July, Wednesday
Day off.

Though, we had work using our computers.
We also went to supermarket and laundry as well・・・

27th July, Tuesday

We pass Detroit and entered Windsor, Canada.
We will visit hospitals in Canada too・・・

26th July, Monday
The next state.

Pedaling in the heat needs a lot of water.
As they consume tons of water・・・

25th July, Sunday
North of Indiana.

It seems we are getting used to the heat.
By the way we are having very long days・・・

24 July, Saturday
Rhythm of everyday life.

The second day was also very hot from the morning.
The support car leaves a campground・・・

23rd July, Friday
Leaving Indianapolis.

This day was the hottest day in Indianapolis in this year,
but we were headed for Canada・・・

22nd July, Thursday
Start of American & Canadian camp tour.

Our support car will pull a trailer and we sleep in it.
We will have better team work・・・

21st July, Wednesday
Getting ready.

We went back to Indiana where we finished a campaign with motorcycle. And we prepared ourselves for campaign with bicycles・・・

20th July, Tursday
Riding with the national champion.

We had a chance to ride bicycle with bicycle track race national champion. He kindly guided us in downtown・・・

19th July, Monday
Visiting hospital.

We visited University of Louisville
hospital with Dr. Watanabe as a navigator・・・

18th July, Sunday
New members!

We finished a part of campaign using motorcycle, in Indianapolis. From now on, we are campaigning with bicycles・・・

17th July, Saturday
Finishing the scooter.

From Effingham, Illinoi, we were headed for Indianapolis. At the city, we get off the scooter (Yamaha / Majesty) that we have ridden all the way from Ushuaia (Argentine)・・・

16th July, Friday
With sweat in high temperature.

Afer leaving Little Rock this morning, we kept moving, through Missouri and arrived in Effingum, Illinoi・・・

15th June, Thursday
From Texas to Arkansus.

Today we went North in Texas. As temperature rose toward the hottest time of the day, we took route 59 that stretches from Houston to Arkansus・・・

14th July, Wednesday
We start the campaign in North America!

This 4th campaign which we did our activity in South America and Cuba through May to June, now moves its stage to North America・・・

30th June, Wednesday
I met the daughter of Guevarra!

We had an appointment at 10am with Ms. Aleida Guevarra, a daughter of Che Guevarra. Where we meet is her house where his father actually lived 40 years ago・・・

29th June, Thursday
The nation supports full academic fee, and 35% of the national budget is for medical related.

On 29th, we visited Escuela Latinoamericana De Medicina and talked with the principal・・・

28th June, Wednesday
The hand of Dr. Cambras.

Cuba has a higher level of medical system with the nation willingly involved. How is it constructed and mainteined? Totoday I could visit two medical institutions and meet with the doctors・・・

26th June, Saturday
I like the atomosphere of Cuba.

In the morning, we went to the government press center and registored ourselves as reporters, and headed for the central of Havana city・・・

25th June, Friday
Cuba is the next destination.

After a photographer, Zen, and I arrived in Cuba, Dr. Takenaka from Japan also arrived and joined us.
I heard from Zen who has come to Cuba 25 times for 40 years ・・・

20th June, Sunday
Finish traversing South America in Quito.

After Milagro, again in rain, we kept going in mountain roads. Obviously elevation was getting higher as we got closer to Quito which we set our goal in South America・・・

19th June, Saturday
Entering the final country in South America, Ecuador.

After 30 minutes from Tumbes, a northern city in Peru, we finally entered Ecuador which we set our goal in South America・・・

18th June, Friday
The final city in Peru, Tumbes

The day's destination is Tumbes which is the final place to stay in Peru. And today we had to say goodby to Hugo and his father Willey who drove our support car all the way from Arica・・・

17th June, Thursday
High temperature.

After Trujillo we were headed for Piura, about 450km north.
Right after the departure we found a hospital・・・

16th June, Wednesday
Goodby Lima. Headed for Trujillo.

We left Lima where we stayed 5 days to visit hospitals and doctors, and went north again. In Lima we had cloudy days・・・

15th June, Tuesday
A national institute for children with 1000 patients in a day.

In the last day in Lima, we had a chance to visit the only national institution in Peru, Instituto Nacional De Salud Del Nito・・・

14th June, Monday
No hospital when disasters like earthquake!

Today I had again a discussion with three doctors who are about to found an emergency medical network NGO called “DOLOR DE ESPALDA”・・・

13th June, Sunday
Peru struggles with getting higher level of medical situation as well.

There are 94 countries participating the Bone and Joint Decade world campaign. Within the 94, South American countries are Brazil and Argentine・・・

12th June, Saturday
9 million city, Lima.

Where we were headed for at 8 am was the Maria Reiche Musium. She was an archaelogist who devoted her life to analyzing and preserving the Nazca lines・・・

11th June, Friday
Stay in Nazca.

Today we didn't go north and stayed in Nazca, well know city for the Nazca lines. Kazama took time for his writing and the members organizing the equipment or・・・

10th June, Thursday
From Arequipa to Nazca.

After Arequipa which is located 2,800m above the sea level, we were headed for Nazca, well know city for the Nazca lines・・・

8th June, Tuesday
Unexpected stay in Arica.

From the morning we had a guest t onegociate about the renting a car to cross the border to Chile and to use in all Peru・・・

7th June, Monday
The Chilean northernmost city, Arica.

The caravan that left Iquique went to run inland. At times we ran on a road that stretches between small mountains and we also ran on the mountains・・・

6th June, Sunday
Stayed in Iquique.

This was the first non-running day since the start of the campaign from Ushuaia. But, what we did was preparation for further campaign・・・

5th June, Saturday
Beautiful Pacific ocean.

The road we took lead us to inland after we left Antofagasta, a city nearby the ocean. And later we had a road where we can see, the pan american highway・・・

4th June, Friday
To the latter half of Chilean stage.

We entered into the latter half of Chile which stretches long north and south. After Vallenar we took again the route 5 to go north・・・

3rd June, Thursday
On the expressway as well.

After Santiago was a town Los Villos where you can see Pacific ocean. And this morning, we left Los Villos, took the route 5・・・

2nd June, Wednesday
Visiting "the one of the best" hospitals in South America.

Before we left Santiago, we had a visit to Clinica Las Condes, the one of the best hospitals not only in Chile, but also in South America・・・

1st June, Tuesday
Preparation in Santiago.

Since the start of the campaign, we have kept moving day by day. But, we had a preparation day in Santiago・・・

31th May, Monday
Arriving in Santiago.

After Chillan, our destination was the Chilean capital, Santiago. As we got closer to the city, amount of trafic got bigger and bigger・・・

30th May, Sunday
Connecting the dots.

Loncoche where we arrived in heavy fog the last night was still covered by heavy fog in the morning・・・

29th May, Saturday
Entering to Chile

The caravan was headed to Chile after San Carlos De Bariloche. At the border to Chile, the friendly staff were interested in Kazama with the Majesty・・・

28th May, Friday
Even at far from town.

After Equel is San Carlos De Bariloche with a lake along to the town. During on mountain roads to Bariloche・・・

27th May, Thursday
Departing in minus 10 degrees.

The temperature in the morning was minus 10 degrees, which is the coldest since we started the world's southernmost city, Ushuaia, 5 days ago・・・

26th May, Wednesday
With the locals' smiles

Also today we departed before sunrise, 8:30 from El Calafate. We made a over 600km-travel to north and arrived in a small town, Perito Moreno・・・

25th May, Tuesday
The town of the glaicier, El Calafate.

8:30 was the time we left Esperanza. At the time the morning had not come and it was still dark around. We were headed to El Calafate・・・

24th May, Monday
Going north in blizzard.

After leaving Punta Arenas, we ran the road along the strait of Magallanes. Unfortunatelly we had a rainy weather, but I heard that you have a few kinds of weathers within a day in Patagonia・・・

23rd May, Sunday
To Punta Arenas after crossing the strait of Magallanes.

After we left Rio Grande, we continued to go on the route 3, and entered in Chile. Then we took a ferry to cross the strait of Magallanes and arrived in Punta Arenas・・・

22th May, Saturday
Going north!

In the morning we spent preparing for the start and in the afternoon we finally started Ushuaia! We first had the Argentine national route 3 to go north. On the way, we found road・・・

21st May, Friday
Ushuaia is started !?

Unfortunately we knew 10 o'clock in the morning that the support car can't be ready for at least a week. It was very difficult to hide our disappointments, but we put it behind quickly・・・

20th May, Thursday
The sticker is pasted and it is ready !?

We put stickers on our Majesty and support car today. Also we had a little maintenance on a trailer that will be pulled by the support car to put some of our luggage. After the things・・・

19th May, Wednesday
The start of the campaign is almost there.

Once the campaign starts, first of all the caravan will go up north in the middle of Patagonia wilderness. We know that there are hotels even in such wilderness where we can't access・・・

18th May, Tuesday
Getting off the overnight bus.

In the morning of the third day in the overnight bus, we arrived in Rio Gallegos located 500km north of Ushuaia, and we finally got off the bus. Kazama joined in our members with the・・・

17th May, Monday
Long way to our starting point

In the morning of 17th which is the first morning we had in the overnight bus, I thought "24 hours more in this bus..." with a sigh. Well, the fact the we have 24 hours more is actually・・・

16th May, Sunday
Going to Ushuaia in overnight buse!

Our preparation for the start is going forward steadily.Kazama and Ike got on a overnight bus to go down to Ushuaia while the support car and a 250cc scooter, Majesty, are already on the・・・

15th May, Saturday
Preparation in Buenos Aires

Hello, this is Ike, a coordinator of the 4th campaign, The Americas and Scandinavia 20,000km crossing caravan. We have just finished the campaign in Japan which over 100 disabled・・・