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The Bone and Joint Decade Global Movement "The 3rd World Campaign"
Trans Australia Project by Disabled Cyclists

In 2007, conquered the Eurasian continent, 18,000km by scooter
In 2008, conquered the African continent, 21,000km by four-wheeler

In 2009, international goodwill teams with disabilities from 2 nations will challenge to traverse the Australian continent,4500km, by bicycle.

The Aim

The project is the third scheme to participate in the world campaign, Bone and Joint Decade”advocated by the World Health Organization.
Mr. Kazama, who has an injury on his left leg, as a leader traverses the Australian continent by bicycle in united efforts with Japanese and Australian participants who are physically impaired as well. The participants, two people one pair, pedal the bicycle in turn.

Every participant has a disorder on his/her bones and joints. Their endeavor to accomplish the journey, while making up each one's handicaps, should be a matchless opportunity to appeal the importance of musculoskeletal functions and to promote the public awareness toward it.

Project Overview

① Period: August 24 October, 18, 2009
② Route: Perth to Sydney
③ Distance: approximately 5,000km
④ Hospitals to visit: at Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sidney and other cities.
⑤ Type of Bicycle: Electric power-assisted bicycle
  ★One car will run in parallel for participants' medical and technical support
⑥ Participants:
  ●Mr. Shinji Kazama as a captain
  ●Surgeons attend the journey from Japan in turn and will be on stand-by at all times.
  ●4 of Japanese and Australian cyclists
⑦ Method: pedaling 50km a day per person,
  i.e. 100 km a day for one pair

Supported by The Asahi Shinbun Campany
Cooperated by Bone and Joint Decade Japan Committee & Shinji Kazama's Office, co.
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