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>Report of The 3rd Venture.
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Saturday 17th Oct. 
Pack the bikes up

Last full day in Australia is as busy as all the rest. Bikes to be dismantled and packed, last notes and letters to be written and plans for the future to be made.・・・

Friday 16th Oct. 
Katoomba to Sydney

The last day of riding starts out as the easiest of the trip. Katoomba is at the top of the Blue Mountains and Sydney is at the bottom. About a 1000m decent over・・・

Thursday 15th Oct. 
Bathurst to Katoomba

It isn't a big Lobster, Thief, Kangaroo or Pineapple, but a big Gold miner that sees us off today. When this journey was planned, it was estimated that・・・

Wednesday 14th Oct. 
Cowra to Bathurst

Today I wake at 3:30. This is a very peaceful time of the day and the opportunity is taken to seek somewhere to think and reflect on the visit to Cowra. In a country・・・

Tuesday 13th Oct. 
Cootamundra to Cowra

Cowra is a town with a fascinating, tragic and honorable past, in my opinion. During the Second World War, Japan and Australia were fighting against each other・・・

Monday 12th Oct. 
Wagga to Cootamundra

As the driver of the support vehicle, one of my main roles is to make sure that the cyclists are safe. By now, I have spent many weeks driving, most of the time looking・・・

Sunday 11th Oct. 
Wagga Rest day

The end of the trip must be getting close as discussion turns to what would be a good gift to take home to Japan for family and friends・・・

Saturday 10th Oct. 
Albury to Wagga

Travel is not just about seeing what you plan to see. The surprises you come across are, well, surprising.Take the small town of Henty for example. There is nothing・・・

Friday 9th Oct. 
Benella to Albury

Robe had its big lobster. Glenrowan has a big thief. Ned Kelley is one of Australia's best known people. Our idolization of Ned is up there with our interest in a song about・・・

Thursday 8th Oct. 
Alexandra To Benella

A road crew was staying in the cabin next to Shinji. Once they knew what the riders were doing, Ken came by with $50 for a beer or coffee for the riders. To be a part・・・

Wednesday 7th Oct. 
Melbourne to Alexandra

Ah, the joys of morning traffic. Heading out of the city, we are not too put out by the crush heading in. After crossing the Nullarbor however there seems・・・

Tuesday 6th Oct. 
Melbourne Hospital Visit

Another work day as the Alfred hospital is visited.
Mr Andrew Way -CEO, Miss Susan Liew- Director of Orthopaedics・・・

Monday 5th Oct. 
Torquay to Melbourne

Another milestone is passed. The bikes have now done 4000 kilometers.
Up the west coast of Port Philip Bay, the freeway is great for cars・・・

Sunday 4th Oct. 
Apollo Bay to Torquay

Here the Great Ocean Road hugs the coast. We learn that it was built by returned servicemen after the first world war・・・

Saturday 3rd Oct. 
Apollo Bay Rest Day


Friday 2nd Oct. 
Warnambool to Apollo Bay

This stretch of coastal road has to be visited to be appreciated. No mater how many photos you see or what documentaries you watch, none can capture the scale・・・

Thursday 1st Oct. 
Portland to Warrnambool

While riding along, Tetsu stops suddenly and points. By now, we take this to mean that there is a kangaroo or an emu to be seen. This fellow is neither. This is a Scottish・・・

Wednesday 30th Sept. 
Mount Gambier to Portland

Crossing borders, there is normally two signs. One thanking you for visiting and the other welcoming you to the next state・・・

Tuesday 29th Sept. 
Robe to Mount Gambier

Sometimes it is the small things that are of most interest when travelling. How people handle their garbage is one example. Japan has local cages in which・・・

Monday 28th Sept. 
Policeman Point to Robe

You know you are reaching a town with ambition when greeted by something big. Having something big in Australia seems to say "We are a great place to stop!"・・・

Sunday 27th Sept.
Tailem Bend to Policeman Point

Policeman Point is a house or two and a small pub located on what is called "The Coorong". This is a fairly large lagoon, incredibly salty. When asking the Publican about・・・

Saturday 26th Sept.
Adelaide to Tailem Bend

Before departure, the question is asked of Saki. "What the devil do you carry around in that spotty bag of yours?"・・・

Friday 25th Sept.

Today is a rest day in Adelaide. We say goodbye to Dr. Shoda who returns to Kobe where the earthquake in 1996 put him to the test・・・

Thursday 24th Sept. 

It is time for work and to do some of what we are here for. A visit to the Royal Adelaide Hospital Trauma Centre. We meet with Professor Nick Fazzalari and Associate・・・

Wednesday 23rd Sept. 
Port Wakefield to Adelaide

Car enthusiasts are pretty frequent users of motels. They love any excuse to get on the open road with the love of their life, and their wife. This couple from Melbourne are driving・・・

Tuesday 22nd Sept. 
Port Pirie to Port Wakefield

Most people who travel will say that it is the people you meet that makes the journey interesting. I guess this can be said of life in general, whether you travel or not.・・・

Monday 21st Sept. 
Port August to Port Pirie

This is the worst weather we have had so far. Crossing a causeway, the rain is accompanied by foam blown across the road. When you are wet, a strong freezing wind puts a chill in・・・

Sunday 20th Sept. 
Whyalla to Port Augusta

Leaving Whyalla, we are reminded of why the town is there. Off to our left a train clacks by. First two diesel engines pass and standing there counting, sixty carriages, all carrying・・・

Saturday 19th Sept. 
Cowell to Whyalla

Before we even get started today, Saki has a very minor fall from her bike. Without enough speed to get balance she tries to stabilize herself with her left leg. Doesn't sound too・・・

Friday 18th Sept. 
Wudinna to Cowell

I guess it must be the same in the American prairie country. Not hour after hour of crops, day after day and no matter which route or detour we take, the crops continue. With so・・・

Thursday 17th Sept. 
Wirrulla to Wudinna

Severe trauma or cancer can change the way you think. The best employee I ever had was a burn survivor. When he was seven years old, a can of petrol he was holding exploded, as・・・

Wednesday 16th Sept. 
Ceduna to Wirrulla

The morning starts with the departure of Dr. Watanabe as he returns to Japan. Dr. Shoda will be his replacement until we arrive in Adelaide・・・

Tuesday 15th Sept. 
Rest day in Ceduna

Each year car enthusiasts from around Australia participate in a "Bash" to raise money for a charity called "The Variety Club". This charity helps children with illness to have・・・

Monday 14th Sept. 
Penong to Ceduna

From Penong to Ceduna it is only a few hours riding. Note that the term "a few hours riding" is now preceded by the word "only"! Guess we are getting fitter and stronger・・・

Sunday 13th Sept. 
Nundroo to Penong

With a good tail wind we ride to the next town along, Penong. David joins us for this ride and eachofour riders take it in turn to ride with him and have a broken chat. By the time・・・

Saturday 12th Sept. 
Rest Day

Once you have washed your clothes and had a shower, there is not a lot more you can do in Nundroo. A trip to newr by Fowler's Bay is decided upon. Our landlord kindly lets us・・・

Friday 11th Sept. 
Nullarbor Road House to Nundroo

Another ride; this time with a highlight awaiting us. The "Head of the bight", where southern right whales can be seen from May through to October, or so we are told. After riding only・・・

Thursday 10th Sept.

We start from 60km past Eucla and ride to the Nullarbor Road House, which according to the sign is the Western end of treeless plain. It was a long day's ride, with a bit of a side and・・・

Wednesday 9th Sept. 
Rest day in Eucla and Interviews

We start the day at the BP roadhouse, simply because Talia, the young girl working there was pleasant. In our visits, with two lots of breakfast and take away sandwiches for lunch, her・・・

Tuesday 8th Sept.
Mundrabilla to Eucla and beyond.

One of the questions you hear a lot of when speaking an “Exotic” foreign language is “How long did it take you to learn it?” This is a bit like asking someone how long it・・・

Monday 7th Sept.
Cocklebiddy to Madurah and on to Mundrabilla

Wild LIFE is seen at last!!! Not road kill, but real live running Emu and Kangaroo. There were some real concerns that after coming all this way, our guests would go home thinking・・・

Sunday 6th Sept.
Caiguna to Cocklebiddy

By arrangement, we leave 30min before the Rotarians do. This is to try and reduce our impact on traffic and to stay safe. It is not long before their riders zip past us though・・・

Saturday 5th Sept. 
Rest day in Caiguna

Place names on the map in this part of the world don’t refer to towns. Caiguna is a Roadhouse. You can buy fuel, food, get a room for the night, have a shower and a drink and・・・

Friday 4th Sept. Balladonia to Caiguna, accomplishing the longest stretch in Australia

Today the riders took on the 90 mile straight. Australia’s longest stretch of straight road. Normally there are only three bikes running, today there were four. This meant・・・

Thursday 3rd Sept. 
Fraser Range to Balladonia

With an early start and plenty of energy, the riders passed Balladonia and stopped when they reached the start of the 90 mile straight. As the name suggests, this is a・・・

Wednesday 2nd Sept. 
Norseman to Fraser Range, the Oasis of the Outback

Before hitting the road, we take a quick trip to a lookout at Beacon Hill. Not a huge mountain, but in the flatness of the area we are in it gives a pretty good view・・・

Tuesday 1st Sept. 
Widgiemooltha to Norseman

As you head from Widgiemooltha to Norseman, when you look at the map it appears that there is a huge lake somewhere off to your left. No need to take a fishing rod as there is・・・

Monday 31st Aug.
Kalgoorlie to Widgiemooltha

From one extreme to the other. Widgiemooltha was a one man stop. Very simple and the perfect setting for a road trip murder mystery play or movie. The billiard table had a good・・・

Sunday 30th Aug.
Rest day in Kalgoorlie

Our first rest day was in Kalgoorlie, one of Australia's best known mining towns. Expecting little more than a collection of tin huts, dusty roads with the occasional tumbleweed blowing・・・

Saturday 29th Aug.
Southern Cross to Kalgoorlie

Started the morning with a visit to the Southern Cross Agricultural Show. Took a bit of convincing the chieftans that an hour's delay to see a show would be worth while. As soon・・・

Friday 28th Aug. Moorine Rock then up and back to Southern Cross, staying at "The Club Hotel"

One of the great things about driving at 25km per hour is that you get to see more and it is easier to stop whenever you see something interesting.・・・

Thursday 27th Aug.
Kellerberrin to Moorine Rock Road House

Yippee!!!! We finally see some "Wildlife". This scaly little fellow moved at the right time, otherwise he would have been discounted as just another piece of shredded tire on the・・・

Thursday 27th Aug.
"Asahi.com" has series of reports on the journey posted on the web.

The members of the"Trans Australia project,5000km, by Disabled Cyclists" have departed Narita on 22nd and arrived Perth on 23th as scheduled. The party has set out the journey on 25th・・・

Wednesday 26th Aug.
Northam to Kellerberrin, staying at "The Prev"

Fewer hills now, and only a bit of stiffness from the first day to overcome. Still the canola and wheat fields give green and gold flavoring for a very Aussie feel to the trip.・・・

Tuesday 25th Aug.
Freemantle to Northam

We arrive at Challengers' Harbor at 6:00 with the hopes of starting the journey at 6:30 so we can get past Perth before the morning rush hour. Last thing we want to do is cause traffic・・・

Monday 24th Aug.
Visit RFDS (Royal Flying Doctor Service)

Visit RFDS (Royal Flying Doctor Service) with Shinji and Dr Matsushita. Being an Aussie, I have heard about this service and thought it was just an airborne ambulance. Guess it was・・・

Saturday 22nd Aug.
Rough outline

Invite a group of trauma survivors to challenge themselves by riding across Australia on push bike.
Along the way, learn about Australia and hopefully let some Aussies learn about ・・・

Tuesday 18th Aug.
Press conference has been held.

Having the departure date before eyes, the press conference has been held. The captain of this project, Shinjiiii Kazama, the Chairman of the Bone and Joint Decade's Japan Steering・・・

Monday 17th Aug.
The design of the bicycle jersey for the journey finalized.

This is the design of the bicycle jersey the team members wear through this trans Australia journey. Designed well to show up the name 「TRANS WORLD AUSTRALIA BICYCLE・・・