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The Bone and Joint Decade Global Movement: "The 2nd World Campaign"

The African Continent - 21,000km covered by four-wheeler in 2008

The journey took place between 24th October 2008 and 8th January 2009, and consisted of driving a four-wheeler through 10 countries in Africa over a total of 78 days. The mission started from Alexandria in Egypt and finished at Cape Point in South Africa. The team took on a vital role as representatives of the Bone and Joint Decade campaign in Africa, visiting local hospitals and agencies to raise awareness while encouraging more countries to become members of the campaign. To boost profile, the Chairman of the Bone and Joint Decade's Japan Steering Committee, Professor Matsushita of Teikyo University, joined the team in Namibia and South Africa. Additionally, in Kenya, several Japanese children from the Chikyu Genki-mura, an NPO activity supervised by Mr. Kazama, joined the campaign with Douglas Bollar, who is Mr. Kazama's friend and an expert in Kayak.